Monday, 15 August 2011

Fixated On...Tracy Tidswell

In which Steve is joined by the Coconut Woman, Tracy Tidswell.  Although this is the 5th episode released it was actually the 1st one recorded, and one of the most fun.  I only knew Tracy from Twitter and so meeting was a little odd but I greatly enjoyed having her as a guest to help me shape the show, in it's infancy!

We talked about Tracy's flourishing writing career as a writer of rudery! We also covered all kinds of other nonsense, including how much I want to punch Bono in the face...

You can find Tracy on Twitter @tracytid

Fixated On...Miles Watts

In episode 4 of the show, Steve is joined by York film-maker Miles Watts for a chat.  Miles is another multi-hyphenate, writer, director, actor type.  He has made a couple of feature films based almost entirely in and around York, as well as being at the forefront of the Web-series movement, with Zomblogalypse.

You can find Miles on twitter @MilesToneFilms or @zomblogalypse

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Fixated On...Jamie McKeller

So, episode 3 of the show rolls around.  I have a couple of firsts this time, my first episode recorded in York and my first outside broadcast.  My guest is a multi-hyphenate, actor, sketch comedy performer, writer, former Hollyoak-er and all round nice chap! Jamie McKeller is the star and creative force behind a webseries called 'I Am Tim'. He is also one half of sketch duo The Juppa Bros.

Our chat covers an awful lot of ground, from the York film making scene, to awkward relationship moments, to one legged pigeons!
Why not go follow Jamie on twitter @redshirtjamie or follow the link and watch his show.  But first, go listen to the episode with him and I talking?  As always, search FixatedOn on itunes or head over to FixatedOn...