Thursday, 22 September 2011

Fixated On...Tim Wheeler

I met with Tim Wheeler, lead singer of rock band Ash.  Unfortunately the laptop I use to record the show on, decided it was going to shut down 2 mins before the end of the interview, rendering the audio file unsaved and unrecoverable.  For the record, Tim was a lovely man, very gracious and chatty, even when I asked him stupid questions! We covered all sorts of subjects, from taking time off school to go on Top Of The Pops to his opinion of Annie Lennox' version of Shining Light.  Hopefully next time they are in town I can meet up and re-record our chat, but for now, here is photographic proof that I didn't imagine it!
To make up for the only bit of the recording I have left being me and Tim saying goodbye, I put a live version of Arcadia (my favourite recent Ash song) on the end of the episode!

Fixated On...Mely

I was joined by blogger, writer, event organiser and sexpot Melysa Schmitt this week.  We talked about her blog 'Sex, Lies and Bacon', which is one of my personal favourites, veering as it does from cheeky, honest stories about her misadventures in dating to heart breaking tales of single motherhood.  We also talked about taking over the world together, writing a tv show, what it is like in Jersey and loads of other things!
This is Mely...
Check out her website, buy a t-shirt, ask for advice! or on twitter @Melysa_S

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Fixated On...Simon D. Heaven

Guest host this week is friend of the show Simon D. Heaven.  I first met Simon when he very kindly, along with other members of 'Can't Sing, Can't Dance, Don't Care', volunteered to perform at 'Stand Up For Heroes', a charity show I organised earlier in the year.  We met up on a sunny Wednesday to have a chat and introduce the world to brand of comedy.
We talked about Simon's stand up comedy, youtube videos with his son, bloody pigeons and a whole host of other subjects.  Why not go check out his website and join in the hilarity?

Or you can follow him on Twitter @sdheaven

Fixated On...Donate For Great

One of the most random episodes of the show so far.  I met up with Gemma Holloway of Gemjar Promotions at a photoshoot in York's Museum Gardens to promote her charity event 'Donate For Great'.  I met with members of various bands including Believe In F.A.T.E, Shade The Press and Prowl.  I also met with members of Can't Sing, Can't Dance, Don't Care, and loads of others.
You can donate via the website or attend the events!

If you would like to learn more about Great Ormond Street Hospital or PHA follow the links!  Give them money...

Fixated On...Gary Zeiger

In which Steve is joined by science fiction author Gary Zeiger (rhymes with tiger!).  They talk classic sci-fi, TV networks and how the British have to pay for a TV license by law.
Gary's novel Stingray: You Can't Hide Forever will be published soon, as an ebook and then as a physical book in November.  Why not pre-order a signed copy as a Christmas present for the sci-fi fan in your life?

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Stand Up For Heroes 2

A night of stand up comedy in aid of Help For Heroes.  Hosted by me, and featuring loads of up and coming stars of the comedy scene.
This show is sponsored by Topps Tiles and is being held at the Monkbar Hotel, York.

Follow the link for tickets...


Confirmed acts for the show are:
Peter Marshall And The Lomos
James Christopher
Simon D. Heaven
Lynsey Nellis
and Rory McAlpine