Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2012...Part 2

Moving onto the 2nd quarter of the year, this was a big one for me!

April kicked off with a few classic eps of the radio show, then a trip down to Nottingham for Southside Wrestling, taking the wife to her first ever wrestling show! She enjoyed it, and I interviewed future champion Max Angelus, a lovely chap and interesting interview.  I also signed up a very exciting guest host for the radio show. In May I was joined by possibly my favourite but certainly most high profile guest on 'Fixated On...' when I stayed up late to talk with Nick Santora, writer of novels and Prison Break.  He also created, sadly now cancelled, Breakout Kings and Beauty and The Geek.  A brilliant guest and very nice man, if you haven't seen his work yet, do it!

Also in May, I met with possibly the most attractive duo of guests we have ever had, no, Peter Marshall & The Lomos, not you! I was joined by the reigning Miss York, Anastacia Smith and model/event organiser Naomi Smith.
During May I went on a recording rampage, needing to stack up radio shows in time for my wedding! My very favourite recording was with the aforementioned Peter Marshall & The Lomos, or Spencer Vale as he is more often known.  I got a sneak preview of their new album, as they played it live for me! Great fun.
Then in June, the main event! I got married.  I have talked about that plenty, see almost any of the podcast episodes I did in July or August.  But here is a picture...
And then we went on a honeymoon to was nice, but don't get me started!
And from there, it has been pretty much a shitstorm of bank screwups, money issues and happily married life!

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