Thursday, 22 September 2011

Fixated On...Tim Wheeler

I met with Tim Wheeler, lead singer of rock band Ash.  Unfortunately the laptop I use to record the show on, decided it was going to shut down 2 mins before the end of the interview, rendering the audio file unsaved and unrecoverable.  For the record, Tim was a lovely man, very gracious and chatty, even when I asked him stupid questions! We covered all sorts of subjects, from taking time off school to go on Top Of The Pops to his opinion of Annie Lennox' version of Shining Light.  Hopefully next time they are in town I can meet up and re-record our chat, but for now, here is photographic proof that I didn't imagine it!
To make up for the only bit of the recording I have left being me and Tim saying goodbye, I put a live version of Arcadia (my favourite recent Ash song) on the end of the episode!

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